eco-friendly . safe . effective

Most disinfectants currently available on the market to combat microorganisms are themselves creating environmental problems and threats to our health and communities. Government organizations and scientists are 
obliging the industry to find safer and more ecological solutions.

Saniswiss offers a professional range of safe eco-friendly sanitizers and cleaners which challenges classical chemical disinfectants. Our range offers clean novel technologies, combining safety and the best biocidal efficacy. Active on a wide range of pathogens, including against superbugs MDR (Multi-Drug Resistant), our boosted Hydrogen Peroxide (bHP) technology help healthcare professionals fighting HAIs and Sepsis every day. Thanks to an oxidative operating mode, there is no risk to generate germ resistance anymore, while bacteria, mycobacteria, yeast, fungus, virus and spores incl. C. difficile have no chance of survival.

It turns out that you don’t need poison to kill germs anymore, just clever biotechnology from Saniswiss, now available for non-medical settings.

Family Disinfectant Package

biosanitizer S2 is a virucidal hand sanitizer formulated for sensitive skin. Its fresh citrus fragrance makes it a preferred choice for daily use. The absence of hazard symbols and alcohol reflects its alternative formulation.

biosanitizer S4 is a viruidal surface cleaner sanitizer, formulated for large areas incl. floors and washable surfaces. Acts quickly, suitable for manual use or with auto-washers. Leaves no trace on surfaces and is approved for food contact. Recommended for weekly use or in the event of an epidemic period.

bio-sanitizer L is a new ecological disinfecting laundry cleaner intended for washing and simultaneous disinfection of linen. Free from phosphate, VOC’s, alcohols, aldehydes and phenols. It is effective at low temperatures and eliminates 99% of germs, without a prewash. biosanitizer L is ideal for all natural and synthetic textiles, white and color. The concentrated powder works both for manual washing and for machine washing. Up to 500 kg of laundry can be cleaned and disinfected using only 5 kg of biosanitizer L washing powder.








Active on a wide range of pathogens, including against superbugs MDR, our technologies are a true eco-friendly alternative to classical-chemical disinfectants. Saniswiss is microbial efficacy pollution-free, without respiratory and skin allergies.


Perfect balance between power and durability, our Saniswiss biocleaner range is a serious eco-friendly alternative to classical-chemical handwash. Saniswiss biocleaner’s superior performances are distinguished by the EU Ecolabel.


An eco-friendly multi-surface cleaner sanitizer